Global or regional aggregators

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"Taxonomic aggregators" - Categorisation in the TETTRIs context

1. Primary Aggregators

  • Specific group of organisms, global (e.g. Index Fungorum) or regional (e.g. Euro+Med PlantBase).
  • Content directly driven by and (also) used by the respective taxonomic community.
  • Single classification of name usage, either as synonyms, accepted taxon names or for some reason unplaced names.

2. Secondary aggregators

  • Comprehensive taxonomic coverage of names and taxa irrespective of the taxonomic group
  • Global (Catalogue of Life) or regional (e.g. European: PESI/EU-nomen).
  • Single classification of name usage.
  • Ideally, aggregating primary aggregators

3. Repositories

  • Provide access to a multitude of stored datasets, legacy or updated (e.g. GBIF/CoL Checklist Bank, GNA Global Names)
  • Useful for name discovery and to trace provenance of designations
  • If offering a service to match names against specific datasets they become (indirect) secondary or primary target aggregators