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October, 2023 - The organisation for Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG annual conference in Hobart, Tasmania. Berendsohn, Döring, Müller & Güntsch are organising a symposium on Globally linking taxonomies: Name IDs and name matching. Abstract: Numerous local, regional and global information systems are using taxon names in fields ranging from biology, ecology and conservation to government provisions and medical applications. We know that scientific names of organisms do not provide a “unique identifier” for a taxon, because the taxon’s circumscription represents a scientific hypothesis and thus is subject to change. Nevertheless, names provide the glue that allows for information gathering and access across systems. Although scientific names are governed by strict codes of nomenclature, numerous variants of names exist. The taxonomic community is increasingly aware of this fact and several initiatives exist to sort out the latter issue. Globally unique identifiers for names and their variants play a central role allowing machines to support that task, and to conserve the results of the data cleaning actions. Name matching services are a tool to disperse GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) to local users. One of the tasks of the EU TETTRIs project is to document and enhance these processes in order to establish functional workflows for the mapping of local taxonomies. The symposium will invite presentations to publicise existing services and persistent GUID systems with a special focus on long-term sustainability of the services.
The following talks are now planned for the 90-minute symposium (abstracts reviewed, partially pending publication):
(1) Use cases for scientific name identifiers and name matching – progress report from the TETTRIs project (Walter G. Berendsohn*). Abstract
(2) Name IDs and Name Matching for Catalogue of Life – Existing Services and Prospects (Olaf Bánki*, Markus Döring*, Thomas S. Jeppesen*). Abstract
(3) WFO-IDs - Unique identifiers for all known plants managed by the World Flora Online (Chuck K. Miller, Walter G. Berendsohn, William Ulate & Roger Hyam). Abstract
(4) Australian National Species List: Name identifier management and linkages (Anne Fuchs). Abstract
(5) Policy relevant lists of species (André Heughebaert). Abstract
(6) Community Curation of Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Information in the context of the Collection Management System JACQ (Heimo Rainer*). Abstract
*TETTRIs project members

July 17-19, 2023 - Kick-Off meeting of the two-year project Building a Plant Diversity Information Infrastructure for Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia. Raab-Straube, as Co-PI, represents Euro+Med Plantbase and TETTRIs.

July 11-14, 2023 - Kick-Off meeting of the two-year project Building a Plant Diversity Information Infrastructure for Georgia, Tiblisi, Georgia. Raab-Straube, as Co-PI, represents Euro+Med Plantbase and TETTRIs.

May 30, 2023 - Simposio sobre Ciencia Abierta of the Convención Científica Internacional "Saber UH", Havanna, Cuba. Berendsohn introduced TETTRIs in the context of the usage of global infrastructures for taxonomy in his talk on Open Access to Biodiversity Information.

March 6, 2023 - EIVE - Ecological Indicator Values of Europe EIVE 1.5 Kick-off-Meeting, Rostock, Germany. Raab-Straube represents Euro+Med Plant Base and TETTRIs on the steering committee.