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CoL Downloads

The entire CoL in its latest version can be downloaded from in ColDP Archive. Darwin Core Archive, ACEF Archive, or TextTree format. ChecklistBank also offers partial downloads, this requires a free GBIF user account.

WFO Downloads

Downloads of WFO-Data are available for the published versions (currently 6-monthly updates, published via ZENODO, with DOI). The current version can be found under If there is a later version available, this will be indicated at the top of the page.
The following formats are available (example for the December 2022 version):

  • The Catalogue of Life Data Package of the WFO Plant List. This is the most expressive standards based form of the list.
  • JSON formatted version of the WFO Plant List. This has been designed for direct import into a schemaless instance of a SOLR index and is used to drive the WFO Plant List API ( which in turn drives the WFO Plant List in the portal. This is recommended if you want a local, read only version of the list rather than use the API.
  • plant_list_2022-12.sql.gz This is the complete production database (minus logging data and API keys) as a MySQL backup file. It can be restored directly to a MySQL 5.7 or later instance if you require the list in SQL format.
  • ipni_to_wfo.csv.gz A file mapping all the IPNI IDs we track to their associated WFO IDs.
  • families_dwc.tar.gz Individual Darwin Core Archive files for each of 718 recognized families. If you want a single family in DwC but can't load the whole list download and expand this file. Family and genus files are also available for download through the portal.
  • A single Darwin Core Archive file containing non deprecated names and taxa for use in the existing R package.
  • A single Darwin Core Archive file containing all names and taxa even those that are deprecated along with some extra columns

Weekly updated DwC Archive files for all families and for the are available at