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How to use this manual

This manual has 2 core parts:

  • System Installation and Administration - intended to enable system administarators to install and configure the software
  • Data Archiving - intended to enable scientists to use the reBiND software (either alone or ideally in conjuction with a data scientist with some data management experience)

The Data Archiving section is intended for users of the system. It covers data preparation, a walkthrough of the consecutive steps in the reBiND workflow (from importing data into the system to validation, correction and publication of the data).

Basic knowledge of XML is useful for manually reviewing changes made by the 'Correction module'. The ability to edit XML files is required to edit configuration files to tailor the software to use different schemas (to the default ABCD schema) but is not necessary for setup.

In addition to the core sections the manual provides further detail such as technical background on some of the data formats and tools used. We have also included some discussion of our experience of rescuing data from files stored on out-dated different software/hardware and a series of case studies describing data that we have published via reBiND. Once the data is published and the URL of the published data is made available to biodiversity networks (such as GBIF) it can then be searched via their web services.