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The terms reBiND and project could refer to several concepts, therefore within this text they will only be used in conjunctions with other words which clearly demonstrate the meaning in that particular context.

reBiND Framework: the general processing framework described, as described in this article. It is independent from any specific research domain or XML format.

reBiND Instance: a general term for the software which is a specific adaption of the reBiND Framework for a specific domain of research and to a specific XML format.

reBiND Service: the reBiND Instance in the field of Biodiversity which uses the ABCD format.

reBiND Project: the project from the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, funded by the DFG, in which the reBiND Framework will be developed and adopted for ABCD to become the reBiND Service. Within the project threatened biodiversity data will be rescued and published through the reBiND Service.

reBiND Instance Project: a project whose task it is to turn the reBiND Framework into a specific reBiND Instance and running it. A reBiND Instance Project includes the people working for the project to help the scientist share their data.

Data Project: when a scientist contacts the people of a specific reBiND Instance Project to share his/her data via their reBiND Instance. The Data Project spans from the initial contact to the final publication of the data set. A reBiND Instance usually contains several Data Projects.