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This article describes how to export data out of a dBase Table File (*.dbf). For details about the file format see [1] and [2].

Opening the data with Libre Office

It is possible to import *.dbf files into Libre Office (or Open Office) Calc or Base: http://help.libreoffice.org/Calc/Importing_and_Exporting_dBASE_Files . Libre Office will try to recognize the character encoding of the data and preselect this option in the import window. Once a file imported, it can be saved in/exported to a variety of different formats.

Importing the data directly into a mySQL database

Alternatively the data can directly be imported into a running mySQL database using the linux program dbf2mysql. Importing the data directly however could cause some problems with the character encoding for non ASCII characters.

If the mysql server is already running, the following commands will import the data:

user@linux:~$ mysql -u root -p
mysql> create database database_name;
mysql> exit
user@linux:~$ sudo apt-get install dbf2mysql
user@linux:~$ dbf2mysql -vvv -c -f -d database_name -U root -P password DATA_FILE.DBF

The data can then be exported using mysqldump

user@linux:~$ mysqldump -u root -p database_name > data_export.sql