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Please, report any bugs encountered during testing. Describe the bug so that also provider can understand the problem.

#Issue No. Name Description Assigned to @Reporting date Status Comments
#1 Server Timeout? <!--<Annotations> <Annotation> <Context>OpenUP</Context> <ISODateTime>2012-11-15T10:29:09.180Z</ISODateTime> <MethodOrAgent>ODIS V0.1</MethodOrAgent> <Type>Warning</Type> <Message>Access denied to media object.</Message> <Suggestion></Suggestion> </Annotation> </Annotations> Peer Schwirtz BGBM @unknown open


Please report any features, which should be implemented. Features are defined as real improvement/ new functionalities of the current tool.

#Feature No. Name Description @Reporting date Status Comments
#1 Summary Report Produce summarized export of test results (human readable), e.g. tested items: 100; bug No. 1: 50 of 100 items wrong format, bug No. 2: 20 of 100 items scientific name not recognized, etc. 15 Nov 12 suggested feature This would allow providers/ coordinators to assess the data quality of a provider in a better way.
#2 Mineralogy Quality check of mineralogical datasources should also be possible. Example: Prague (NM) 15 Nov 12 suggested feature
#3 List of problematic IDs It would be good to get a list of IDs for which problems in the quality check were discovered. Maybe this could be listed by rule and included in feature #1. 15 Nov 12 suggested feature
#4 Filter by range of IDs Search by ranges of IDs, e.g. 1-10 not only 1;2;3;... 15 Nov 12 suggested feature
#5 Checking large datasets make the check of datasources with a big amount of records available 15 Nov 12 ongoing