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This is the Documentation Wiki of the BioCASe Provider Software. Here you will find tutorials on how to install, configure and debug the BioCASe Provider Software. More detailed information on BioCASe can be found in the Beginner's Guide and on the BioCASe homepage.

Described in one paragraph, the BioCASe Provider Software is an XML data binding middleware for publishing data from a relational database to an information network. It is agnostic of the data model used for data publication and can be used in conjunction with any conceptual schema. However, its main field of application is the publication of occurrence data from specimen or observational databases to primary biodiversity information networks such as the BioCASe network ( and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( After installing BioCASe and configuring it for a given database, the published information will be accessible as a BioCASe web service, which means it can be retrieved with BioCASe protocol requests.

BioCASe Support

BioCASe Support

Please get in contact with the BioCASe Support if you

  • have any questions concerning BioCASe in general or the installation/configuration of the Provider Software,
  • want to file a bug report,
  • have any comments, or
  • want to make a suggestion for a useful new feature in upcoming versions.

You can either

  • use the Discussion tab of each page to leave us a comment,
  • use the form on the Contact page to send us a message,
  • or directly mail us to the address given on the Contact page.

Table of Contents

Beginner's Guide
What the Provider Software is all about.
Things to be considered when publishing a database with BioCASe and potential preparatory steps needed.
BioCASe Support
Tutorial on how to install the BioCASe Provider Software.
Datasource Setup
How to set up a new BioCASe web service (aka data source).
ABCD2 Mapping
Tutorial on mapping ABCD2.
Common ABCD2 Concepts, ABCD2 Concepts
List of mandatory, recommended and commonly used ABCD2 elements.
Sample ABCD2 Document
Example ABCD2 document of a comprehensively mapped data provider.
Debugging Tutorial
Instructions on how to debug a BioCASe web service.
Learn how to create ABCD Archives or DarwinCore Archives of your published data.
List of terms and abbreviations used in this documentation.
List of frequently asked questions and hopefully helpful answers.
Version History
Change list of current and past versions of the BioCASe Provider Software.