Publishing and searching the data

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Publishing and searching the data

There are two ways of searching the data. You can perform simple full text or scientific name searches via the search box on the public part of the reBiND data portal.

A module has also been implmeneted to connect the reBiND Service to biodiversity networks like GBIF and BioCASe. The module converts requests sent in the BioCASe Protocol for querying data sources into XQuery (which can then select the appropriate parts of the ABCD data files) and then return this result in the ABCD format. The reBiND capabilities request shows the fields within the ACBD file which can be queried. More information explaining the output of the capabilites request can be found here.

Searching the data via the reBiND interface

The search page of the reBiND interface lists the published datasets by title. The screenshot below shows the search page.

Rebind search.png

Clicking on a title takes you to further details, where you can click on the link 'export data file' to download ABCD data file:

Rebind search result.png

Searching the data via GBIF

The inventory show the titles of the datasets available for harvesting. The latest published data that has been harvested by GBIF can be found here.

The screenshot below shows one of the datasets 'Morphologische Daten von Natrix' made available via the GBIF interface: