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BioCASe Support
If you have questions, comments, bug reports or suggestions for new features of the Provider Software, you can either
  • use the Discussion tab of each page to leave us a comment,
  • use the form below to send us a message,
  • or mail us directly at  Support.png.

In case you want to submit a bug report, please make sure to gather the following information when the error occurs:

  • your environment (operating system, web server, database management system),
  • the version of BioCASe you're running (can be found at the top of the BioCASe start page),
  • the steps that caused the problem,
  • any error messages printed on screen (screenshots are a big plus),
  • any error or debug output that can be found in the logging files of the Provider Software (can be found in the log directory of your BioCASe installation) or in the log files of your web server.
Send email
(needed if you want an answer)