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B-HIT [BiNHum|Berlin|BGBM]-Harvesting and Indexing Toolkit

B-HIT is based on the GBIF HIT. The old documentation from GBIF can be accessed here.

It has been actively extended for the BiNHum project, in order to support:

  • multiple identifications (without duplication)
  • unit associations
  • ABCD2.1
  • ABCD-Archives
  • extented multimedia fields
  • Supported schema and protocols:
    • ABCD: 2.06, 2.1, EFG, GGBN, GGBN Enviro, ABCD - Archive
    • DwC: DwC 1.0, 1.4, 1.4-Geospatial, 1.4-Curatorial, MaNIS 1.0, MaNIS 1.21, DwC Archive, DwC GGBN

Also, the technology got updated for security issues (latest Java Spring).

The latest version can be downloaded from our svn


Table of Contents

Beginner's Guide
What B-HIT is all about.
How to install and use it.
Indexed fields
Detailed list of ABCD and DwC fields that are indexed.